It’s been a while..

I hope everyone reading this is doing wonderful ! I am now that i have my internet back 😀 This was the longest i’ve been without WIFI and let me tell you, it was one hell of a struggle. They are calling it “Internet outage ’17” cause it was not only my state, but other states effected too. Besides that, it’s been SO long since i blogged. Work has been keeping me pretty busy along with client work, but i am hoping to get back at it more often.

I’ve created a few cute summer poses in the past couple weeks, as much as i love making them, time is just not on my side as much as i would like it to be. But i do plan on making them every chance i get. I’ve also had a good amount of client work just recently, which has been awesome !! I love the photo shoots and love the editing even more, especially when i have such beautiful people to work with. It just makes the job even more fun. I hope to get a good following in the future, that is my goal !

Life has been pretty good as well, spent way to much money at ALL the latest summer events, but i HAD to have all the amazing clothes, furniture and deco 😀 Such is life huh ..

Off to that thing called real life now

Roxy ❤


Roxy Taylor Photography

Roxy Taylor Photography


I offer you beautiful & affordable Photography

I’ve been practicing photography & photo editing since 2013. I love the creativity of it all. For me it’s not about the money, it’s about the practice and making my clients happy, therefore i put pride and time in every single picture i take and edit. I want the end result to be perfect !

*Prices are per picture*

↬Profile• $250L

 ↬Singles• $350L {chest up/full body}

↬Couples• $500L {chest up/full body}

↬Headshot• $300L

↬Group• $600L

I specialize in all types and styles of photography, from cute, couple, erotic, sexy, nude etc.

Please allow me at least 48 hours to finish your photo.

Due to a semi-busy RL, my online times vary.

If you’d like to book an appointment, please follow this link…

If you have any questions, please contact me at the following

Flickr Mail: Flickr


Inworld: xsunnyflowerx {please leave a NC}

Facebook {messenger}: Facebook

Have a fabulous day & don’t forget to smile ツ

Roxy ❤


it’s been sooooo long!!!!


Hi beautiful people! It’s been what seems like forever since i last blogged. Gotta blame a busy RL. Such is life though 🙂 I just spent some much needed relaxation in the pool floating around on my flamingo friend♥

I hope each and everyone of you are smiling and having a good day, night, morning .. whatever time of the day it may be for you. I just wanted to give a little life update. I recently RE-landscaped my land {pic coming soon} and RE-decorated my house. It’s even more beachy and beautiful as ever! I’ve also decided to do a little creating in my spare time. Creativity just makes me happy .. so i thought to myself “why don’t you make cute stuff and sell it on MP?” .. so that’s what i have done. But i didn’t want to make it a store for just cute stuff i create, but also a place to sell those cute gachas we are all addicted too. Lord knows i have a TON of extras, so why not try and make a little bit of my lindens back by selling them. I have a variety of the JIAN Chihuahuas and Pibbles on there now.

My Marketplace

Off to clean up my messy inventory. Wishing you all a happy weekend!




thursday vibes

What a long week it has been and it’s only THURSDAY! I am ready for a weekend off with no interruptions, no work and lots of sleep. Luckily i did have today off which is rare for me, but i took advantage of every minute and went shopping! Kustom9 has some super cute summer stuff this round and i had to grab it all. My favorite purchase is this sexy two piece swimsuit that shows off all my curves amazingly. It’s the MAI BILAVIO – swimsuit and you can get it in a variety of colors and two different styles. I went with the Bella in black.



So it’s safe to say it’s been a pretty relaxing and productive day. Great way to spend a day off work.



soaking up the sun

TGIF ! What a great Friday it was too. It was my day to sleep in, soak up some rays and chill.

Woke up late, took a shower, grabbed a bagel, gave my kitty some love {not that kitty for you dirty minded ones out there :P} and headed for the boat. The sun was shining bright, not a cloud in sight. Stripped off the little clothes i had on and relaxed, catching up on a much needed tan sesh.

roxy..sunbath 1.jpg

Cant forget the other side 😉

roxy..sunbath 2.jpg

About 3 hours passed and i could see the sun starting to lower beyond the horizon. Ahh, what a gorgeous day it had been.


Now i lay back and enjoy the beautiful sunset as i close this blog, grab a glass of wine and sign on Avmatch.


new friends

What a long week it has been .. work kicked my ass every day of it. But during my busy week i did have the pleasure of meeting a new friend, which meeting friends isn’t the easiest thing for me to do in general or in Secondlife. I’m one of those introverted, shy, a tad unsociable, small crowds over big typa chicks. We met on a site called Avmatch, a site solely for meeting people for either friendship or more. You will find some creepers on there, fair warning. And you will find someone that is like minded as you, that’s exactly what i did. She’s cool, fun to hang with, has a great sense of humor and says it how it is. Plus we both have a huge love for SHOPPING ! It’s hard to meet girlfriends you just know you will get along wonderfully with from the very first conversation. Last night we chilled at my beach house and enjoyed some intelligent conversation.

5617  . Roxy & Mag.jpg

She asked “have you ever played Cards Against Humanity?” .. and i of course live under a rock and never have. So we met up with her daughter and played a couple games, needless to say it was hella fun, i can’t remember when i laughed that hard ! It was a good way to unwind after a long week and enjoy a Saturday night.

Happy Sunday



old flames

“yawns and stretches” i’m not ready to start this day, i just need more sleep .. like maybe 5 hours worth.

So something i wanted to share – Yesterday i ran into an old flame. It was rather ironic how it happened because i have ran into this old flame at this same place twice before. We hung out and chatted about old times. Shared some laughs and caught up on life. It was nice, especially because i’m already at a comfort level with this person. No first impressions, no shyness, none of that. We were instant friends again and i’m sure i’ll be seeing alot more of this old flame.